This class includes a dynamic warmup, technique demonstration, drilling and live rolling. The live rolling portion of class is generally about 30 minutes, divided into 5 minute rounds with a 45 second rest in-between.  All levels of experience are welcome to participate, however it is best suited for students that have some prior jiu-jitsu experience.


Mon-Thurs:  12pm to 1pm  +  6:30pm to 7:30pm
Saturday: 12pm to 1pm


This is a dynamic class geared towards kids ages 7 and up.  Our team of coaches lead a variety of drills that instill body awareness, group cooperation, and the fundamental movement patterns of jiu-jitsu.  We introduce basic positions and skills in a light-hearted way, ensuring that your child will learn the foundations of the art while having a ton of fun.  No experience necessary.


Mondays & Wednesdays: 4- 4:45pm


This class will guide you through essential Jiu-Jitsu techniques to help prepare you to safely participate in live rolling.  A typical class starts with a warm-up and drills followed by in-depth instruction of a classic jiu-jitsu technique.  There is no live rolling during this class, however it may include some situational sparring. The Fundamentals class is geared towards beginners, but all levels are welcome and encouraged to join. This is also excellent intermediary class for more mature kids (ages 11 and up).


Monday-Thursday: 5:15pm to 6pm

situational sparring


This class is designed to prepare you physically and mentally for competitions.  Please come hydrated and prepared with a good working knowledge of the week’s skills. A typical class includes both stand-up and ground work, situational drills and live rolling.  Students do not have to be enrolled in an upcoming competition to participate.

Friday:  5:30 to 7pm


This class features a similar format to our fundamentals class, with a dynamic warmup and technique demonstration + drilling, but for women only.  Lead by our dynamic badass blackbelt, Jessie!  She is passionate about jiu-jitsu and loves empowering ladies with the skills to keep you safe on and off the mats.


Saturday:  11am to 12pm


This is a time for self-directed practice. Students often use this time to get in a few extra rounds of rolling, practice drills, and stretch.  An Instructor is present and available for questions but does not actively guide students in a class.


Monday-Thursday:  6 to 6:30pm
Friday:  12 to 1pm
Saturday:  1 to 2pm
Sunday: 12 to 1pm


An invitation to the jiu-jitsu community at large:  Practitioners visiting from other academies are welcome to join us to get a different look.  This is a time for live rolling in the spirit of improvement. Admittance to community open mat is free, we just require that you sign our waiver and abide by the house rules to participate.

Sunday: 12-1pm


This  class is an excellent supplement for your jiu-jitsu practice. It is designed to help improve your spinal flexibility, strengthen your stablizing muscles and to soothe your nervous system.  A typical class begins with gentle, dynamic stretches to warm-up the body, and then flows into series of balancing postures and back strengthening and hip opening postures.  The sequence of postures remains the same each class with minor variations. No experience necessary, however the class is taught at an intermediate level.

Sunday: 11am-12pm