If humans were pasta, Mark would be al dente. His strong character cooked with humor and humility is magnifico. 5 star instructor, 5 star shrimper. 7+ years on the mats

Behold our resident Renaissance Man. All-star architect, a wizard with a whistle, and a dedicated dad. Lexington Jiu-Jitsu has a world class home and a stellar competition training program thanks to his brain and braun. 10+ years on the mats.

A cheeky grin and unorthodox style belie his skills on the mat. He is a savant of the sport and Gumby to boot; meanwhile totally dedicated to helping students hone their own unique style. 8+ years on the mat.

Paul Hogan, Black Belt

Cop. Earns his donuts the hard way…on the mats. Dedicated to sharing his knowledge of the art. 12+ years on the mat.

Jiu-jitsu is just one of her superpowers. Beneath the guise of a bright and modest Chemistry professor, she emerges: viviacious, authentic and determined. What can’t this HellCat tackle? 14+ years on the mat.

Whether he is grappling bad guys or black belts, this cop really knows his stuff. Balances the clear patience of a teacher and the intensity of a competitor. 16+ years on the mat.

This dynamo exudes confidence, for good reason. Skillful, playful, world-wise. Downright loves jiu-jitsu. 20+ years on the mats. Woooooooo!

Don’t let the unassuming look fool you– his skills are sharper than a right angle. Math teacher by day,  Ninja by night. 15+ years on the mat.

Loves being brain-y about the brawn-y. Masters of Science in Athletic Training, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist.  15+ years on the mat.