Jiu: Gentle | Jitsu: Art

A Call to the Life-long Learner…

Jiu-jitsu.  Human Chess.  A fascinating puzzle that is complex and infinite in its variety of moves.  Distilled down, this ancient martial art utilizes knowledge of leverage, nerves and pressure points to disable an opponent without weapons or displays of violence.

Jiu-Jitsu training develops your character; it instills, confidence, humility, work ethic, focus, a team spirit…the list goes on.  Jiu-jitsu boosts your physical fitness; it improves your strength, mobility, and cardiovascular health while refining your body awareness. Last but not least, it provides an opportunity to participate in a vibrant community– young and old, male and female, brainy and brawny– all come together.  It’s a happy hour, but it’s good for you too.

Today it is the fastest growing martial art in the world…but enough talk.  Let’s Roll.

About our Studio

We believe that to create the best learning environment, it takes a synergy of world class instruction, a safe, clean facility, and team-minded students.  At Lexington Jiu-jitsu & Fitness, we have all in abundance and want to share it with you.  We offer daily classes lead by incredible instructors, for students of all ages and all levels.  So let’s roll.
  • Adult’s Class
  • Women’s Class
  • Kid’s Class
  • Fundamentals
  • Blue Jitsu
  • Open Mat

Living the Life


Community Open Mat

This is your Jiu-Jitsu Mecca.  We aim to promote cooperation between other academies and to raise the level of skill across all jiu-jitsu practitioners.  Your affiliation matters not; your desire to learn and improve is king.  Join us for Open Mat every Friday from 12-1pm, free of charge when you use the promo code DOJOSTORM  at checkout.

Let's Roll

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